"Whoever receives one such child in my name
receives me, and whoever receives me,
receives not me but Him who sent me.

-Mark 9:37


Light for Orphans serves orphans and vulnerable children by improving:    

   -  Access to education    
   -  Access to health care and health information    
   -  The food and nutritional status of children    
   -  The spiritual and mental status of children by providing psychological support for both
      children and their caregivers    
   -  Access to or providing shelter  

The service of Light for Orphans is comprised of four initiatives:    

  - Service for children with special needs    
  - Summer camps for orphans and vulnerable children    
  - Support for orphanages and children    
  - The farm and retreat center project

1. Education & Skills >> 

   1.a- Literacy Programs >>
   1.b- Advanced Preschool/ Kindergarten classes >>
   1.c- Parenting Education >>
   1.d- Women's Meeting >>
   1.e- Leadership Courses  >>
    1.f- Parenting Classes >>
    1.g- Servants Preparation Courses >>
    1.h- Carpenter's Workshops >>  

2. Medicial>>
3. Microenterprise >>
4. Family & Home >>

   4.a- Nursing Homes for the Elderly >>
   4.b- Special Needs Center >>
   4.c- Orphanages >>  

5. Summer >>
6. Publishing >>
7. Evangelism >>

1. Education and Skills

In addition to paying for children's school tuition, uniforms, and school fees, Light for Orphans volunteers visit children on a regular basis and privately tutor children who need extra support.  This one on one program provides children with the boost of confidence and special attention they need to succeed in school.

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1.a- Literacy Programs

Teaching people of all ages to read and write. In addition to children, Light for Orphans is dedicated to breaking the cycle of illiteracy for individuals of all ages.  Workshops are set-up throughout Egypt to provide youth and adults the basic reading and writing skills they need to function in a work environment.

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1.b- Advanced Preschool/ Kindergarten classes

// Where and when do these classes take place? //

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1.c- Parenting Education

Mothers are the primary educators in most homes.  Parenting education workshops are provided for mothers which address how to appropriiately and effectively disciplining children and tend to their physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional needs.  

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1.d- Women's Meeting

Teaching childcare and household skills.

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1.e-Leadership Courses  

Leadership courses are offered for individuals who demonstrate potential for potential leadership.  Courses are taught by Father Daoud and address both spiritual and practical aspects of effective leadership.

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1.f-Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are held on a regular basis to discuss issues related to child-rearing and appropropriate and effective methods for disciplining a child.

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1.g-Servants Preparation Courses

Servants' preparation courses provide potential servants with an opportunity to grow in their knowledge of the Christian faith while preparing for a variety of services in both their home parish and their local community.

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1.h-Carpenter's Workshops

Carpentry workshops teach keep young men off the streets while learning to become skillful carpenters.  In addition to learning a trade which will give them a means to work, young men also learn time-management and money-saving strategies which are life skills for their future.

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2. Medicial

Hygiene and Health Awareness Programs  

Hygiene and health awareness programs help to prevent and reduce the risk of illnesses and diseases.  Light for Orphans volunteers provide parenting classes to caretakers and address issues including:  how to properly care for children, maintain their hygiene, appropriately discipline children, and provide a loving and nurturing environment.  Children  also receive the necessary personal tolietries they need to maintain their hygiene thus reducing the spread of diseases and illnesses.

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3. Microenterprise

Hygiene and Health Awareness Programs  

Light for Orphans empowers needy families by providing  microenterprise opportunities.  Qualifying families, who are committed to self-sufficiency through the microenterprise program, are given livestock, such as cows, sheep, or goats, to use the animal's resources to provide a stable source of income for the family.  Families are also provided a food stand and the necessary supplies and training they need to develop their small business.

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 4. Family & Home

4.a- Nursing Homes for the Elderly

By the grace of God, Light for Orphans has also been able to extend its service to elderly individuals who demonstrate a significant need for support services and would not be able to survive without additional support.  Such services include… //need more text//

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4.b- Special Needs Center

The Life Together Special Needs Center provides the highest level of services and support to children and young adults with special needs.  To ensure that the appropriate services and accommodations are made, all volunteers and staff undergo rigorous training and certification.  At the center, children may receive physical, physio, and occupational therapy.  Through play, children have the opportunity to learn, explore, and discover the world around them.  In addition, parents and family members receive special training to learn how to care for their loved one and how to provide them with an enriching home experience.

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4.c- Orphanages

Light for Orphans has partnered with more than twenty local orphanages throughout Egypt who care for orphaned children, young adults, and for those with special needs.  Light for Orphans is dedicated to helping these local orphan homes build their capacity by providing training for caretakers and volunteers.  Orphan homes are also supported with food and equipment donations.

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 5. Summer

 Summer Enrichment Camps

The annual summer enrichment camps are at the very core of Light for Orphans' service.  Each year, over 3,500 children, from the poorest villages in Egypt, are served through this ongoing summer camp.  From June until early September, Light for Orphans runs continuous cycles of four-day summer camps to serve these children.  During that time,   children receive backpacks which contain clothes, personal toiletries, and other materials and gifts.  The summer camp curriculum is carefully designed and executed by hundreds of  volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that each child's spiritual, physical, social, and emotional needs are met.  Through play, puppet shows, skits, and songs, children build self-esteem while learning about God's infinite love for them.  The summer enrichment camps are one of the largest services Light for Orphans provides to children in Egypt.

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6. Publishing

Written & Performing Arts, Music Composition

Year-round, Light for Orphans volunteers are dedicated to a variety of publishing services which are specifically created for the children served through Light for Orphans.                                Such services include: -  designing educational brochures, booklets, and pamphlets  -  writing and planning educational skits and puppet shows - composing children's songs to teach Bible stories and lessons.

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7. Evangelism

Africa & Asia

In addition to its service in Egypt, Light for Orphans has extended its care to other parts of Africa and to Asia.  Services in Africa and Asia include:  -  preventing and ending human trafficking, building orphan homes, providing education services, opening computer centers, and holding educational retreats.  

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